The following committee has been appointed by the members of the Manning Rippers Football Club to represent the club for the current season.


  President – Craig Mulder


The President role is to be the focal point of the club, chair the committee and to lead the club on behalf of our members.


  Vice President – Scott Greer


Support the President where required, chair the committee when the President is absent and be the Head of Football.


  Treasurer – James Kennedy


Oversee the financial stability of the club to ensure all funds are probably accounted for and invested appropriately for the benefit of our members.


  Secretary – Elise Ashton


 The communicator of the club to all stakeholders and ensure compliance for our club.


  Membership – Aby Nasir


 Oversee our members and events.


  Sponsorship – Jason Gale


 Ensure we have long term valued relationships with our sponsors and appropriate oversight of merchandise.

  Community – Michael Tindall


Engage with our key external stakeholders to build long term relationships for the benefit of our community including the club in addition to any grant applications.


   Facilities – Olly Hurst


Maintain the Manning Hub is kept to a high standard of care and appropriate equipment is maintained across the club.


   Bar & Canteen – Dean Bennett


Ensure the upstairs bar, kitchen and downstairs kiosk are providing a valuable contribution to the club whilst meeting all food and liquor licensing requirements.

   General – Jo-Anne Smith, Brad Coopes & Paul Masiello.


Support the other members of the committee and contribute to the decision making of the committee.



 In addition to our club committee we have numerous volunteer roles across the club including a junior and senior sub-committee that focuses on the operational aspects of the club to ensure the best opportunity for our players to enjoy their time at the club. If you would like to volunteer please reach out to any of our committee members or send an email to [email protected]