Our club offers numerous volunteer opportunities including sub-committee roles that focus on junior and senior football operations. If you would like to volunteer please reach out to any of our committee members or send an email to [email protected]



President – Alan Mulvaney – [email protected] 

Vice President – Olly Hurst – [email protected]

Treasurer – Clint Moore – [email protected]

Secretary – Brad Coopes – [email protected]

Sponsorship – Chris Dalton – [email protected]

Facilities – Olly Hurst – [email protected]

Food and Beverage – Joanne Smith – [email protected]

Head of Juniors – Paul Masiello – [email protected] 

Head of Seniors – Scott Greer – [email protected]

Auskick Coordinator – James Royce – [email protected]

Committee – Louise Jeffees

Committee – Peter Whyte




Head of Junior Operations – Paul Masiello – [email protected] 

Coaching Coordinator – Steve Richardson – [email protected]

Auskick Coordinator (PP to year 2) – James Royce – [email protected]

Modified Coordinator (Yr3 to Yr6)

Youth Coordinator (Yr7 to Yr12)

Auskick Registration (PP to year 2)[email protected]

Modified / Youth Registration – Claire Griffiths / Jean Della Vedova – [email protected] 

Merchandise – Peta Bydder – [email protected]




Head of Senior Operations – Scott Greer – [email protected]

Registrations – [email protected] 

League Coach – Tony Wootton – [email protected]

Colts Coach – Matthew Bateman – [email protected]

Womens Coach – Steve Borrell  [email protected]

Players Representative – Peter Whyte