Initiative to Support Umpires

WAFC Umpire AFL Flyer 2019

Umpire Abuse Deterrent

  1. Providing an Umpire Escort to safely walk umpires from the ground.
  2. Providing a clear route to the clubrooms (e.g. through spectators) with cones or bunting.
  3. Supplying umpires with water when required.
  4. Supplying umpires with food and drink in-kind.
  5. Promoting the Umpire Pathway @
  6. Ensuring match day ‘Game Day Environment & Umpire Support’ signage is displayed.
  7. Ensuring Coaches, Spectators and Parents acknowledge the WAFC Code of Conducts;
    1. WAFC POL.19 – True Sport – Codes of Conduct
    2. WAFC POL.19C – True Sport Coaches Code of Conduct
    3. WAFC POL.19D – True Sport Parents & Spectators Code of Conduct
    4. WAFC POL.19E – True Sport Players Code of Conduct
    5. WAFC POL.19F – True Sport Runners & Water Carriers Code of Conduct
  8. Ensure all Coaches, Spectators and Parents understand WAFC By Law 1 (Spirt of the Game) and By Law 2 (Supporting the Umpires) – Page 4
  9. Promote the 12 Strategies to Enhance Our Junior Footballers.
  10. Ensure every Ground is set up as per WAFC POL.15A Match Operations Policy: Ground Preparation