Club Uniform and Players Outfit

  • Jumpers – Navy blue, maroon and gold
  • Shorts – Navy AFL style
  • Socks – Navy blue AFL style with gold tops.
  • Boots – AFL style with moulded studs.


 Club Uniform Ordering


Orders for Club uniforms and merchandise start in late February, get your orders in early to guarantee delivery prior to the start of the playing season in April.

We also have a small supply of second-hand jackets/polos/footy boots for sale.


Merchandise Ordering Steps


1)    Club member downloads the order form from the website.

2)    Club member makes payment as per order form instructions.

3)    Club member sends order form and payment confirmation to [email protected]

4)    Club merchandise coordinator replies to the club member via email when order is ready to pickup.

5)    Club member collects order from the club either Thursday, Friday evenings or Saturday’s when the club rooms are open.


Auskick Uniform Requirements


We encourage all our Auskick players to wear the club shorts and socks. You can wear your favourite team’s footy jumper or you can buy a Manning Rippers footy jumper to wear. You can wear footy boots (with rubber moulded studs) but sports shoes are OK also!

Players should bring their own water bottle, hat and sunscreen.

Auskickers will be expected to bring their balls provided in their Auskick packs for training.


Juniors / Youth Uniform Requirements


It is compulsory to wear club shorts and socks on gameday, players will be provided with a club footy jumper to wear. For Training, sports shorts, socks and preferably a footy jumper are the standard.

Players should bring their own water bottle, hat and sunscreen.

Manning Ripper’s merchandise and uniform can be purchased directly from the club by emailing [email protected].

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Club Uniform Form and sizings


2020 Merchandise Order Form

2020 Bag order form